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Podcast: Purpose Driven Business

Michael Creamer • 10/21/2021

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More and more businesses are focusing on their purpose and making a difference to society, embracing the desire to be purpose-driven. Blending the aim of benefitting customers, employees, stakeholders, as well as the shareholder, is paramount for the best businesses.

What is business purpose? How are certified B Corporations considering the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment? How are companies using space to create a sense of community in a post-Covid world?

For this conversation Michael Creamer was joined by Andrew Budgen and Nathan Lonsdale, founders of the lab_, a collective of free-thinkers; architects, designers, developers, engineers, social scientists, educators and technologists; who all share the same purpose – to constantly experiment and reshape the boundaries so that we can live our lives better.

Listen to the podcast: 

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