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What’s your take…on recovery in Asia Pacific?

The recovery news out of China and Japan is positive – and our on the ground experts have a finger on the pulse of what's next.

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There is an energy and a determination to return to normal. 

Jamie Shepherd, Head of Research and Insight Greater China and Hideaki Suzuki, Head of Research Japan, joined me to discuss recovery in their Asia Pacific markets.  

The markets we focus on largely came out of the pandemic as we moved into Q2. Business professionals are back in the corporate offices. Students have returned to schools. People have largely returned to public places with enthusiasm—retail, restaurants, entertainment venues and more. And while China and Japan continue to experience small pockets of new coronavirus cases, the challenge is nothing like the one we saw at the beginning of the year.  

Jamie lays out his view of how landlords and occupiers are working together to ensure people are safe and how businesses have been able to reopen swiftly, in large part. Investor appetites have risen again—and in many instances, deals that were delayed or slowed in early 2020 are back on track. Hideaki shares a strategy one major Japanese occupier plans to implement over the next three years. 

Overall, the recovery news out of China and Japan is positive – and our on the ground experts have a finger on the pulse of what's next.  

Watch the video to learn more:  

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