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Building Culture: A Values Perspective Podcast

Michael Creamer • 3/16/2021

Building Culture (image)

We live in extraordinary economic times volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. In the service sector, many traditional approaches are no longer relevant and the landscape of brand identity, employee engagement and customer experience is changing. 
Purpose and values set the foundation for an organization’s culture, and are core to its way of working. Culture is not an initiative or a project, but the sum of habits and behaviors.
How can organizations put their values into action? In other words, how can organizations design their internal culture, which is ultimately the organization itself?
For this conversation, Michael Creamer was joined by Alan and Sam Williams, father and son and co-authors of The Values Economy: How to Deliver Purpose-Driven Service for Sustained Performance.


Listen to the podcast: 

Diversity and Inclusion
When our workforce and clients reflect the world around us, everyone succeeds. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive culture.
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