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Accelerated Shifts: Facilities Management and Workplace Experience Podcast

Bryan Jacobs • 5/11/2021

FM and Workplace Experience (image)

The past year has seen Facilities Management (FM) thrust into the spotlight and an acceleration of pre-existing trends. From enabling the mass transition to homeworking to ensuring employees can work in clean, safe environments, workplace and FM practitioners have played a key role in the response to the global pandemic crisis.
What role will FM now play within hybrid workplace ecosystems? How can FM services and amenities help create company culture, and ultimately, a better workplace experience? How can a Vested Outsourcing model create a shared culture that ensures mutual success?
For this conversation Michael Creamer was joined by Ingrid Fenn, President and CEO at SIREAS, and Bryan Jacobs, President, Global Integrated Facilities Management at Cushman & Wakefield.

Listen to the podcast: 

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