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Podcast: Wellbeing and Work

Michael Creamer • 2/3/2021

Wellbeing and Work Podcast (image)

In today’s dynamic, highly connected and digital environment, there is a need to live and work differently. Businesses are now realizing the importance of wellbeing initiatives to empower their people to make healthy choices and create communities who inspire and motivate each other to make small, sustainable changes that demonstrably improve their personal and professional lives.  
During the pandemic personal wellbeing has taken a hit. We are living a work-life integration where people don’t know when or how to turn off. As these challenging times continue to have a significant impact on employees, have we seen the wake-up call for employers to consider investing in the experience of their employees?
How can we keep wellbeing at the forefront of minds when the pandemic is over? How can we create environments in which people thrive? How should we think about measuring employee wellbeing?
For this conversation, Michael Creamer was joined by Sheila Champion-Smeeth, Global Head of Wellbeing, People and Communities at Cisco.

Listen to the podcast: 

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