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Facilities Management (image) Facilities Management (image)

Facilities Management Across the New Workplace Ecosystem

Although substantial questions remain about the future of the workplace, it is becoming increasingly clear that a focus on the office as the sole place where work is done is no longer applicable and that there is actually an ecosystem of workplaces.

Facilities Management (FM) needs to adapt and evolve accordingly. There are already changes in the way corporate offices are managed; that transformative approach will need to continue and soon expand to also consider locations that not the office. 

From our collective experience across the globe – best practices developed through trial & error, solutions we have implemented for clients, data collected and analysed – we identify what has significantly changed, what emerging trends we see, and what’s next within facilities management across three core areas: 

  • health and safety; 
  • technology and innovation; and
  • culture and experience. 

Download our report to see what FM considerations other occupiers are thinking of.

Apart from reading about their insights & industry know-how, watch our FM professionals in action as we celebrate their outstanding dedication to keeping our built environments safe & clean.

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