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Coronavirus Impact on the Property Markets: Focus on U.S. & Canada

Kevin Thorpe • 4/21/2020

Coronavirus impact on property markets (image)

This report provides the latest COVID-19 trends and models the economic impact on the property market fundamentals. In this first edition, we focus on the Americas, providing impact analysis and the latest market observations on all property types and capital markets. 

Key observations include:

  • The number of new cases has stabilized and appears to have peaked over the last two weeks.
  • However, although trending better globally, the virus is spreading at different rates across different communities.
  • Countries are unlikely to loosen lock downs and restrictions until they are confident that the number of active cases has fallen to a low level and the daily growth in newly confirmed cases is low (~1%).
  • Discussion of next steps has moved from lock down to reopening the economy in many countries and in states across the U.S. We aren’t there yet, but we are moving in the right direction.

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