Global Occupier Services (GOS)
Future-proof your portfolio. Create inspiring on-site experiences. Unlock the potential of your real estate.
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Integrated Facilities Management (IFM)
Leave it to our IFM teams to expertly and efficiently manage every facet of your daily facility operations.
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Tenant Representation
Site selection and lease negotiations for occupiers of office, retail and industrial based on workplace and logistics strategies.
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Project & Development Services
Our Project & Development advisors bring a long-term perspective that minimizes risk and drives value throughout design and construction.
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Sustainability Services
We Are Living Change Now.
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Capital Markets
Our capital markets teams leverage an integrated suite of investor services to deliver strategies to solve complex real estate challenges.
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Agency Leasing
Strategic agency leasing ensures that your investment yields high value and long-term tenants whether for a signature property or portfolio.
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Project & Development Services
Our Project & Development advisors bring a long-term perspective that minimizes risk and drives value throughout design and construction.
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Asset Services
Managing office, retail or industrial property to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and enhance value—while providing superior tenant service.
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Valuation & Advisory
Cushman & Wakefield’s Valuation & Advisory group provides sophisticated advice on real estate equity and debt decisions to clients on a worldwide scale.
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Sustainability in CRE Podcast
Research • Sustainability / ESG

Implementing Sustainability: Leading Change in CRE

There is an evolution of roles within the industry, focusing on integrating sustainability goals into every aspect of CRE operations—from design and construction to maintenance and management.
Jessica Francisco • 5/22/2024
Above the clouds (image)
Podcast • Economy

C&W: Behind the Numbers

Our experts cut through the noise to provide you concise commentary on only the most important economic and sector-specific commercial real estate data points.
TIME score
Research • Investment / Capital Markets

TIME score

Timing the Investment Market Extry/exit.
Sukhdeep Dhillon • 5/20/2024
European Luxury REtail

European Luxury Retail

Explore the dynamics of the European luxury retail real estate market.
Sally Bruer • 5/7/2024
The Opening Gambit for Central Banks
Article • Economy

The Opening Gambit for Central Banks: Unravelling the 'Who Cuts First?'

Anticipating a pivotal change in monetary policy, we assess the potential consequences of central bank rate cuts on commercial real estate, with a focus on debt costs and investment strategies.
Sukhdeep Dhillon • 5/2/2024
Podcast • Technology

Operationalizing Culture: Redefining Workplace Experience

A conversation about operationalizing workplace experience in the age of hybrid work, where employees—and their well-being—are at the center of it all.

The Team Around the Table Podcast

There's a better way to outsource corporate real estate—and it starts with choosing the right team.
2024 Global Data Center Market Comparison Report

2024 Global Data Center Market Comparison

Explore a unique way to assess and score 92 global primary and emerging data center markets utilizing 14 criteria.
Jacob Albers • 3/26/2024

미국 데이터센터 시장 업데이트: 2022년 하반기

2023년에도 시장 유형 전반에 걸친 수요는 지속될 것으로 보이며, 1차 시장의 공급업체는 더 저렴한 토지와 전력을 갖춘 주변 하위 시장으로 이동하는 반면, 2차 시장의 초기 클러스터는 계속해서 빠른 구축을 할것 으로 보입니다.
Jacob Albers • 2/8/2023

유럽, 중동, 아프리카 지역 데이터센터 시장 업데이트

이 지역 내에서 전반적인 개발 활동이 계속 성장하면서, 크고 작은 시장 모두에서 안목 있는 투자자들을 위한 기회가 여전히 남아 있습니다.
Jacob Albers • 11/1/2022


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