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The Team Around the Table Podcast

There's a better way to outsource corporate real estate—and it starts with choosing the right team.

Corporate real estate (CRE) has changed. Occupiers are no longer satisfied with standard solutions; they need a team of critical thinkers—visionaries and innovators, who are creative, entrepreneurial, and strategic —who invest the time to unravel the complexities of each organization, ask the hard questions, and focus on what will truly move the needle for their business.

Business leaders will always prioritize cost, but today they're also committed to culture and carbon footprint. They want successful outcomes, but they also seek transparency, flexibility, and true partnership.

The Team Around the Table podcast opens a new conversation about how having the right team—with the right qualities, skills, and insights—can help today’s business leaders navigate the complexities of CRE and make a meaningful impact for their organizations.

We’ll introduce you to a new kind of partnership in corporate real estate—where talent, compatibility and collaboration come together to drive innovation and optimal results.


Video Episodes

Portfolio Lease Admin_webcard.png

Portfolio Lease Administration Data Insight into Action in CRE​ Podcast

Global Head of Portfolio Lease Administration, Phillip Kelloff, explores the critical role of data management in handling expansive real estate portfolios. Read More >>

Hybrid Work

Hybrid Working: From Transition to Transformation

Explore the multifaceted challenges—and opportunities—presented by hybrid work environments, focusing on the interplay between human experience, workplace design and technology, and recognizing the importance of social capital. Read More >>


Operationalizing Culture: Redefining Workplace Experience

Bryan Jacobs, President, Growth & Strategy, Global Occupier Services, talks with Chief Experience Officer Suzanne Mehta. Together, they explore the parallels between consumer brand loyalty and employee affection towards their employers. Read More >>


Data, People and Technology: Unlocking Better Decisions in CRE

President of International Client Delivery, Richard Middleton interviews Chief Digital & Information Officer Sal Companieh, who talks about technology, data and people—highlighting the pivotal role AI plays in shaping the future of real estate and organizational strategies. Read More >>

SPO Podcast

Space Management & Occupancy: From Reactive to Predictive Planning

Join Kay Barrett, Global Head of Space Management, Planning, and Occupancy, and Laura Bailey, Global Director of Spatial Analytics, as they delve into Space Management Planning & Occupancy (SPO)—where design and data combine to transform the way businesses utilize their workspaces. Read More >>

Portfolio Optimization

​​Portfolio Optimization: Aligning CRE with Business Strategy​

In this episode of The Team Around the Table, we uncover the importance of aligning corporate real estate to overall business strategy—and why it’s at the top of the C-suite agenda. Read More >>

A Better Way to Outsource CRE

Vested Relationships: A Better Way to Outsource CRE

Join Kate Vitasek and Bryan Jacobs for this episode of The Team Around the Table, where they explore the power of “vested outsourcing” – a methodology that fosters win-win scenarios in contractual agreements, enabling buyers and suppliers to achieve strategic outcomes together through shared values and goals. Read More >>


The Power of Partnership in CRE - with H&R Block

In this episode, Shannon Koenigsdorf and Shawn Moore share their journey through the complexities of managing H&R Block's vast corporate real estate portfolio, comprising over 6,600 corporate locations. Read More >>


Navigating Change: Transitioning Large-Scale CRE Portfolios

In this episode, join Sarah Wiseman and Brandy Avery as they delve into the nuances of transitioning large corporate real estate portfolios. Read More >>


Choosing the Right CRE Team

In this episode, Pedro Vasquez, Jamie Ergle, and Shannon Koenigsdorf discuss what excellence looks like in the relationship between occupiers and their commercial real estate outsource providers. Read More >>

Meet the Participants

Suzanne Mehta (image)
Suzanne Mehta

Platform Operations & Strategy Leader
Chicago, United States

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Bryan Jacobs (image)
Bryan Jacobs

President - Global IFM
Costa Mesa, United States

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Richard Middleton - London
Richard Middleton

President - International Client Delivery
London, United Kingdom

+44 203 296 3341

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Sal Companieh

Sal Companieh
Chief Digital & Information Officer

Michelle Barkinge
Michele Barkinge

SMD, Global Portfolio Strategy & Analytics
Chicago, United States

+1 312 424 8007

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Dimitris Vlachopoulos - London
Dimitris Vlachopoulos

International Partner, Head of Portfolio & Location Strategy, EMEA
Athens, Greece

+44 (20) 32962668

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/sitecore/media library/cw/Americas/United States/People/Atlanta/Pedro-Vasquez
Pedro Vasquez

President, Client Delivery, GOS
Seattle, United States

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Jamie Ergle

Executive Managing Director, Account Management
New York, United States

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shannon koenigsdorf (image)
Shannon Koenigsdorf

EMD, Account Management
St. Louis, United States

+1 (314) 813-9557

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Sarah Wiseman

EMD, Commercial Strategy
Chicago, United States

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Brandy Avery

Platform Operations & Strategy Leader
Nashville, United States

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Kay Barrett Saint Louis Global Occupier
Kay Barrett

Global Head of Space Management, Planning and Occupancy
Chicago, United States

+1 (314) 422-9137

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laura bailey
Laura Bailey

SPO Spatial Analytics Senior Director, Global
Melbourne, Australia

+61 (477) 355056

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Jessica Francisco
Jessica Francisco

Chief Sustainability Officer
Hartford, United States

Download VCard

Tyler Paytas
Tyler Paytas

Global Head of GOS Project Management
Reading, United States

+1 (412) 8041019

Download VCard

Steven Zatta (image)
Steven Zatta

Total Workplace, Global Lead Research & Innovation
Tysons Corner, United States

+1 (202) 4713591

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Gerda Stelpstra
Gerda Stelpstra

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

+31 208002000

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Kim Yong
Kim Yong

Associate Director, Total Workplace APAC
Singapore, Singapore

+65 86133871

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Phillip Kelloff

SMD, Account Management
San Francisco, United States

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Ashley Metcalf Headshot.jpg
Ashley Metcalf

Regional Director, Portfolio Administration
St. Louis, United States

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Rory Murray Boston
Rory Murray

Vice Chair
Boston, United States

+1 (617) 832-2107

Download VCard

Kimberley Burn Birmingham
Kimberley Burn

International Partner
Birmingham, United Kingdom

+44 2032963074 x*013074

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Sustainability in CRE Podcast
Research • Sustainability / ESG

Implementing Sustainability: Leading Change in CRE

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What Occupiers Want: Global Survey Results 2023

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A New Reason for the Office: Connection and Inspiration

Technology has enabled the workforce to be more virtual and as most employees now have choices of where to work, there’s something different about the office these days. It’s not just the casual attire, the prevalence of videoconferencing or the hybrid work environment. 
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