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Real Estate in Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is the financial and technology hub of Switzerland. The city is home to many international banks, insurance, and technology companies.  
Properties in the retail and office market located in the CBD of Zurich and with strong tenants are favoured investments among national and international investors.  
The market for office and retail properties in secondary locations is becoming more difficult, which relates to the increasing demand for a modern working environment and tenants becoming more price sensitive.  
Residential properties are still considered as very secure investment class, with interest rates driving demand by institutional investors such as pension funds.  

Why Zurich, Switzerland?

Switzerland is known for its low tax rates and high quality of living, which attracts many well-known international companies to Swiss cities. 

Zurich is the national economic centre of Switzerland with a strong financial service sector including world renowned banks such as UBS and Credit Suisse.  

With over 50 000 students at the University of Zurich and ETH Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich has the largest student population in Switzerland and provides new talents for all industry sectors.  

Zurich has been ranked by Mercer several times as one of the world’s most livable cities due to its various cultural offers, secure public spaces as well as its infrastructure, attracting many expats.  

What we offer

We are the most local global real estate service provider in Switzerland.  
With over 75 real estate specialists located in offices SPGI provides services in all aspects of the Swiss commercial real estate market.  
Our experts give strategic advice to property owners, investors, and tenants in the fields of investment advisory, tenant representation as well as office and retail letting.  
As an affiliate partner of Cushman & Wakefield, SPGI has national as well as international clients.  
Investment Advisory: Proven track record of successful real estate transactions in the areas of redevelopment sites, large commercial properties as well as multifamily housing  
Tenant Representation: Proven track record of successful office searches for national and international clients  
Office & Retail letting: Proven track record of successful mandates in the office and retail letting segments  
More Information on Cushman & Wakefield Zurich
SPGI has offices in Basel, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. See property listings or visit SPGI's website for more contact information and service details.
Property Listing visit SPGI's website

Meet the Team

Robert Hauri Zurich
Robert Hauri, FRICS

Co-Owner and CEO of SPGI Zurich and Basel
Zurich, Switzerland

+41 44 388 58 66

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Natalia Ignatova Zurich
Natalia Ignatova

Head of Tenant Representation
Zurich, Switzerland

+41 44 388 58 76

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Gabriela Brandenberg
Gabriela Brandenberg

Head of Office and Retail
Zurich, Switzerland

+41 44 388 58 74

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Martin Greiner
Martin Greiner, FRICS, CFA

Head of Investment Advisory at SPGI
Zurich, Switzerland

+41 44 388 58 52

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