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The real estate market in Croatia is one of the most developed in the region.

The total supply of modern office stock in Zagreb amounts to approximately 1.5 million sq m, including Class A and Class B office space.

The retail market in Zagreb is considered to be the most developed. With a retail stock of approximately 530,000 sq m GLA it exceeds the average of other capital cities in the region. This has resulted in developers moving their attention towards secondary cities, especially along the Adriatic coast.

Despite the growth of the past few years the industrial and logistics sector is still the least developed commercial real estate sector in Croatia. The majority of the logistics stock is concentrated in and around the capital city of Zagreb. However, zones in Kukuljanovo near the city of Rijeka and Dugopolje near the city of Split are growing.  

The Croatian real estate market is attracting notable investment, while growing consumption, tourism and economic growth further encourage international players to expand their business in Croatia. 

Located in the heart of Zagreb Central Business District, CBS International’s office helps real estate investors and occupiers respond to these growing opportunities – both within the city and throughout Croatia. 

Why Croatia? 

The Republic of Croatia is situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe nestled along the Adriatic Sea. Croatia encompasses an area of 56,594 square kilometres and a population of 4,284,889, according to Census 2011. Despite its rather small size, Croatia consists of over 5,835 km of coastline, i.e. mainland 1,777 km and islands 4,058 km.  

The country offers a long coastline with over a thousand islands along the Adriatic Sea, a variety of medieval towns and villages, and a pleasant Mediterranean climate, which all make it an attractive holiday destination for Europeans.  

Croatia benefits from a favourable geographical position, and numerous foreign tourists from nearby EU countries often arrive by car. In addition, for guests from Central and Eastern Europe, Croatia represents the closest access to the Mediterranean Sea. 

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, with a population of around 820,000. It is located in the northwest of the country, along the Sava river. Zagreb is the most important transport hub in Croatia where Central Europe, the Mediterranean and Southeast Europe meet, making the Zagreb area the centre of the road, rail and air networks of Croatia. It is a city known for its diverse economy, high quality of living, museums, sporting, and entertainment events.  

The structure of the Croatian economy is dominated by the service sector, primarily due to well-developed tourism, with tourism revenues representing nearly 20% of the country’s GDP. On 1 July 2013, the country became the 28th EU member country.  


What we offer 

Cushman & Wakefield CBS International enters its second decade of real estate services excellence in the region, offering a broad range of integrated property services. Cushman & Wakefield CBS International was established in Croatia in 2018, it provides both occupiers and investors with all the advantages of a global network alongside local expertise in the Adriatic region. 

Our purpose begins by truly understanding your objectives, adapting to your needs and acting with a strong integrated services strategy to bring maximum value to your business. Our local, reliable and expert team in the Croatian market sets itself apart by offering tailored solutions, rather than services. 

Our sectors and services include: 

  • Office Agency 
  • Retail Agency 
  • Industrial & Land Agency 
  • Valuation and Development Advisory 
  • Market Research 
  • Capital Markets 
  • Project Management 
  • Property and Facilities Management 

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