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As the capital of Kosovo, Prishtina dominates Kosovo’s real estate market as a home to various public administration, governmental institutions and offices of major business companies. 

With the growing real estate market, Prishtina is attractive for a wide spectrum of foreign and local investors, with the retail and residential market considered as the most developed segments with well performing shopping centers and prominent real estate acquisition opportunities, attracting notable investments. 

The Kosovo capital market is in developing stage, which will provide an opportunity for investors who want to invest in commercial properties. The sector’s future and the overall economy, shows a positive outlook and the real estate sector is expected to continue to grow steadily.  

Our office assists our clients with various opportunities, both within the city and throughout the the country. We provide strategic advice to help property owners, investors, developers and occupiers respond to the region’s prospects.


Why Kosovo?

Kosovo as a landlocked country is located in the heart of the Balkan Peninsula in Southwester Europe. It borders Serbia on the north and east, Montenegro to the west, North Macedonia on the south and Albania to the southwest. The capital of Kosovo is Pristina due it’s location in the centre of the country as well as economic, financial , political and trade center of Kosovo. The population of Kosovo is 1.77 million people and 70% of the population is under 35 years of age. This indicator leads toward young, well-educated and competitive work force that is having positive impact in the economy growth. 

Kosovo is abundant with natural resources such as coal, zinc, lead and fertile agriculture land and according to it offers excellent investment opportunities in agriculture, energy, tourism, extraction and processing of metals etc. On the other side the big infrastructure investments happening now will contribute towards prosperity of the country.

The macroeconomic environment in Kosovo is stabile with developed strong financial system and implemented improvements in the fiscal policy. 

Tax policy in Kosovo is oriented toward simple rules that provide a broad tax base and lowest tax rates in the region and beyond. The low tax rates together with a low barrier for market entry and simple and quick process for business registration is what makes this country favourable opportunity for investors.


What we offer

As the only international real estate consultancy company covering Kosovo, we provide the following services: 

Prime Services 

  • Market Research 
  • Valuation 
  • Feasibility Study

We track and interpret the market trends and forecasts that affect the real estate environment for occupiers, developers, investors and landlords. A full range of comprehensive commercial property solutions with full coverage of the Kosovo’s commercial real estate market. 

Our team acts on behalf of clients who require investment related services in the office, industrial, retail, and hospitality markets throughout the country. 

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