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Podcast: Purpose, Values & Corporate Responsibility

Michael Creamer • 11/16/2022


Adele Blakebrough, MBE, co-founder, senior advisor, and previously CEO of Social Business Trust, understands the worlds of the third sector, the public sector and business, and how to get the best out of people in all three. She believes in the importance of social enterprises in addressing society's problems and what benefits working in partnership with business can bring.

Social Business Trust (SBT) is a charity which connects high-potential social enterprises with business leaders to grow social impact. Prior to establishing SBT, Adele built her reputation as a social entrepreneur through CAN (Community Action Network). In 2006, she was made an MBE for services to social enterprises, and a year later she also won the Sieff Prize for her collaboration with business in pursuit of social benefit. 

Listen in as Michael Creamer and Adele Blakebrough discuss how businesses can contribute to societal well-being, and share real-life examples of charities and large corporates working together.


Listen to the podcast:

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