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Data Centre Construction Cost Guide Data Centre Construction Cost Guide

Asia Pacific Data Centre Construction Cost Guide 2023/24

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Asia Pacific is attractive to investors for its comparatively low land and development costs and for the growth potential in both developed and emerging markets. 
Regional Land Cost Index - Top 5 Markets
An increasing scarcity of suitable land parcels with available power in some markets, combined with higher borrowing costs in most markets, have contributed to cost increases. The top 5 most expensive markets for land cost are:

Regional Construction Cost Index - Top 5 Markets
With year-on-year increases of between 8% in Singapore and 3.5% in Australia, the top 5 most expensive markets for construction cost are:

Although supply chain disruption and supply/demand imbalances for both labour and materials remain in recovery, raw material prices, energy and transport costs remain at an all-time high and continue to contribute towards record construction costs. Overall, the market has seen an average increase of 4.9% on 2022 construction pricing.


Cushman & Wakefield’s inaugural Data Centre Construction Cost Guide 2023/24 provides a comprehensive analysis of both land purchase and data centre construction costs across Asia Pacific, as well as a schedule of land banking rates and a summary of key trends within the sector.


James Normandale
James Normandale

Alternative Assets Lead, Project & Development Services, Asia Pacific

65 90493753

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Vivek Dahiya
Vivek Dahiya

Managing Director & Head - Data Centre Advisory Team, Asia Pacific
Gurgaon, India

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Christine Ho

Associate Director, Client Services
Singapore, Singapore

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Dominic Brown

Head of International Research, Global Think Tank
Brisbane, Australia

+61 (431) 947161

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Rebecca Jung
Rebecca Jung

Associate Director, Business Development ServicesAssociate Director, Business Development Services
Sydney, Australia

+61 (2) 82439915

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