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Choosing the Right CRE Team: A Strategic Approach to Talent, Culture and Diversity

What does excellence look like in the relationship between occupiers and their corporate real estate (CRE) outsource providers? 

Join us as we kick off our first episode of The Team Around the Table podcast, where we dive deep into the composition of a successful CRE team, and the impact it has on the client relationship and in driving value. Cushman & Wakefield’s, Pedro Vasquez, Jamie Ergle, and Shannon Koenigsdorf define “destination accounts,” talk about keys to success, and uncover the values and capabilities essential for your next CRE team.

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Five Lessons Learned

  1. The Importance of Cultural Fit and Client Alignment
    Cultural fit plays a crucial role in choosing your CRE team. Account leaders must balance technical expertise with seamless integration into the client’s culture. Because misalignment can lead to an ineffective relationship, it’s critical to hire individuals who adhere to the client’s ethos and work style. Achieving this balance involves open dialogue with clients to understand their specific needs and preferences.

  2. The Core of Effective CRE Teams: Empathy and Adaptability 
    Empathy is a fundamental trait of effective leadership in CRE teams. Empathetic leaders possess an innate ability to understand and respond to both expressed and unexpressed needs of clients, which fosters trust and collaboration. Driven by curiosity and skilled in active listening, they are leaders who are capable and adaptable in the face of changing client requirements.

  3. The Power of Diversity and Intentionality
    Diversity in teams goes beyond mere representation; it's about bringing varied perspectives and backgrounds that enrich decision-making and problem-solving. Leaders need to be intentional in creating diverse teams to ensure that the values of both the organization and client are reflected. This intentionality extends to recruitment, talent management and succession planning, cultivating a diverse and prepared pool of talent.

  4. Navigating Challenges with Transparency and Strategy
    Challenges and missteps are inevitable. The key to navigating difficult situations is transparency and a client-centric approach to problem-solving. Whether adjusting team compositions or dealing with complex cross-cultural nuances, CRE leaders need to maintain open channels of communication and be proactive in devising solutions.

  5. Create a “Destination Account”
    A CRE "destination account" is highly sought after and valued by both supplier and client-side professionals for its exciting, rewarding and growth-oriented environment. It gains this status by striking a balance of offering challenging, fulfilling work and valuing employee contributions, while aligning with client goals. These attributes make an account a key destination for top industry talent.


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Meet the Participants

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Pedro Vasquez

President, Client Delivery, GOS
Seattle, United States

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Jamie Ergle

Executive Managing Director, Account Management
New York, United States

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shannon koenigsdorf (image)
Shannon Koenigsdorf

EMD, Account Management
St. Louis, United States

+1 (314) 813-9557

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