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Workspace for Today’s Workforce: Diverse and Inclusive

When it comes to building out space today, more is being devoted to collaboration and wellbeing. And to be successful, these spaces need to support the intended use, while accommodating different ways employees use and experience the space.

Companies are designing office spaces that support traditional ways of working and more—helping all employees feel energized and inspired, supporting learning and development, and fostering a sense of belonging and improved connection. Some of the emerging space designs that promote wellbeing, belonging, and neurodiversity include:

  • An active recharge area for informal interactions; for example, including a putting green for energy release and a quiet area where employees can be part of the conversation without being part of the action.
  • Private, quiet areas and closed-door spaces supporting focus and one-on-one conversations, as well as providing noise mitigation.
  • A quiet recharge area along the window line.
  • A wellness room, mother’s room, and a gender-neutral restroom to support a more open and diverse talent pool.

These spaces support employee productivity and wellness through:

  • Ample access to natural light throughout the office, supporting employees who manage seasonal depression and migraines.
  • Strategic use of calming colors and patterns on wall coverings, furniture and flooring.
  • Adjustable lighting throughout the office for reducing eye strain, and migraine prevention.
  • Graphics that minimize “visual noise” and help viewers understand content, making the overall concept easy to visually recognize.

Environmental psychology, neurodiversity, and personality type, to name three factors, all need to be considered in space design. Such an approach complements Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and fosters belonging, reflecting the growing employee expectations of work and the workplace.  

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Tom Gibson
Tom Gibson

Head of PDS, Asia Pacific
Singapore, Singapore

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Brian Ungles St. Louis Project & Development Services
Brian Ungles

President, Project & Development Services
St. Louis, United States

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Nic Wilkinson

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David Smith

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Sandy Romero

Research Manager, Global Research
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Andrew Carmichael

Senior Director, Project & Development Services, Asia Pacific
Singapore, Singapore

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Dominic Brown

Head of International Research, Global Think Tank
Brisbane, Australia

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